A Sweeter Kind of Easter Basket

I never noticed it before, but it seems like every holiday, grocery stores are filled with “Holiday Isles”. I have to admit, Easter candy is my favorite kind of candy. The hollow chocolate bunnies are my guilty pleasure. My mom used to buy herself and I each our own hollow bunny. This year, I didn’t receive one. My first Easter basket was from my parents. Of course there was some of your typical Easter candy: eggs filled with jelly beans, mini chocolates, etc. As my step mom passed out the baskets, she commented, “yours is the one with sugar-free candy, too”. Sure enough, this is how the most of my Easter went. Last year, I felt awkward around the holidays receiving “special” Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. Now, I realize that it’s awesome because I can indulge in my gifts just as much as everyone else and not feel guilty about it nor feel sick from my blood sugar sky-rocketing. And most of the time, they taste close to the same as the original versions. (On a side note, NEVER try the sugar-free ranch at Kroger though; that is one item I will gladly eat with real sugar.)

I snuck a couple pieces of “real” candy throughout the day, but the holidays always bring up questions from people. Diabetes is a complicated disease, and I think it’s safe to say that even most adults don’t really know what you “can” or “can’t” have. I can eat candy… and anyone who lives in Tri Delta with me knows that most nights I eat the dessert at dinner (sorry, Dad… and Dr. G). I try to avoid eating as many sweets as I used to, and I use fake sweeteners when possible. I avoid sodas and sugary drinks for the most part. On the other hand, when I do eat something sugary, I compensate by giving myself more insulin. Right now, my ratio is 1 unit of insulin per every 12 carbohydrates. I always explain it as this: think about a piece of bread. Generally speaking, that is going to be around 15 carbs. Desserts and candy add up quickly. If I don’t give myself insulin right away or don’t give myself enough, I feel sick. Desserts are hard, because I never really know how many carbs are going to be in it, so I generally don’t give myself enough insulin out of pure miscalculation. So while you’re indulging in an Easter sugar high, I’ll be satisfied eating my sugar-free Reese’s… and sneaking a couple pieces of the good stuff when my dad isn’t looking.