It will all fall, fall right into place

April 26th with mark my three year dia-versary (my diabetes anniversary). It’s a weird thing to celebrate, but for me, it’s celebrating my triumph of the past year. I’ve had my best and worst days this year. I had my lowest A1C to date and also my worst, ending up in ICU in November.

I’m continuing to learn a lot about myself through my diabetes and am finding the confidence┬áto manage it. I’ve learned that it’s really about one meal at a time, one day at a time. It’s hard to succeed in the long term goals if I can’t focus on the day-to-day fights.

April 26th, I will be going skydiving with Thatcher. Heights are one of my biggest fears, so it only seems fitting to conquer it while I’m celebrating my conquer of diabetes.

Two days later, I will be having a biopsy. It’s funny, because this time last year I had a thyroid biopsy. All ended up being okay, but it’s almost humorous to be in this same position again. I’m hopeful to have the same luck as last time.

Cheers to good health