See ya on the farm

The countdown continues: four days until Bonnaroo. As I was making a list of things to do before we leave for TN, I had to make a decision. Should I wear my pump or pack vials and syringes? Technically, I should always be wearing my pump; it’s what my doctor wants anyway. There’s pros and cons to both. If I use vials and syringes, I don’t have to worry about tubing getting caught when we’re dancing and can wear my sundresses without a problem, but on the other hand, it’ll be so much harder to control my blood sugar. Being so active and dancing and walking around all day will make my blood sugar be a little lower, especially since I won’t be eating as much as I usually do at home. That’s definitely not something I want to deal with at a music festival. If I wear my pump, I know I’ll be so much safer, but have to consider having a lot of back up supplies in case my site gets pulled out and have to be strategic when I’m planning my outfits.

Really, I would be crazy to not wear my pump. The excuses I have not to are petty, and I know that. Planning for big events or vacations like this always make me nervous because I have to be more careful than usual. Since we are going to be camping, I’m going to have to make sure my insulin stays cool in our cooler the entire weekend and I’m going to have to make sure I pack more than enough supplies, snacks, and be sure to keep my medical ID bracelet on the entire time.

At the beginning of the summer, I went on Beach Week with a couple of the bars in Athens. I checked over and over again before we left to make sure I had everything, but sure enough I realized when we got there that I had left my new bottle of test strips in my car back in Athens. Thankfully, there were about 100 people there and one of them happened to also be diabetic. I didn’t know him until the trip, but I don’t know what I would’ve done if he hadn’t have been there. I don’t think I’ll be that lucky again if I forget something at Bonnaroo, but lesson learned. 


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